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Gourmet Salami


Salami is commonly known as the product of the fermentation of minced and salted raw meat and fat, combined with spices and stuffed into natural casings. In Calabria, salami is called soppressata and salsiccia. The soppressata was prepared from the meat of ham, shoulder, fillet and lard cut by hand at the point of a knife, salted and stuffed into casings. Once the sausage was obtained, tied by hand, it was pressed under a large stone to reduce its volume and favour water loss. The soppressata was smoked over firewood and matured for several months. Different in shape and cuts of meat, sausage in Calabria was made from shoulder, underbelly and fat.

Cured Meats List Note

Antico Nero d’Aspromonte’s Gourmet Salami is obtained from the artisanal processing of fillet and lard from black pigs indigenous to Aspromonte in wild pasture for at least two years. The slow maturing process gives Salame Gourmet a strong flavour of lean meat, accented by black pepper, roundness and sweetness of the fat, which is very little.

Typology: sausage.

Size: 1 Kg ca.

Tasting Note

Curing: 110 days.

Aging: 40 days.

Gusto: Clear and refined flavour of seasoning, accented by black pepper. Significant savouriness that is accompanied by the roundness and sweetness of the fat, for a rare, refined, robust, balanced taste impact with a clear personality.

Black Pig Habitat

Species: native black pig of Aspromonte.

Area of birth ad grazing: eastern slopes of Aspromonte, Calabria./span>.

Type of pasture: open pasture, wild.

Density per hectare: two livestock units per hectare.

Altitude: 1000-1500 m a.s.l.

Average age of the pig: two years

Pig feeding: totally autonomous, from food sources in the environment, without the use of feed, antibiotics, anticoccidials, GMO food.

Climate: mountainous, varied and unstable due to the complex morphology, the orographic system and the inconstant and impetuous winds mainly from the W and WNW. Long, cold and frequently snowy winters on the highest peaks, with snow cover from December to April. Cold temperatures with lows as low as over -10°C in exceptionally cold spells. Cool summers with short- lasting thunderstorms in the afternoon hours.

Food Label

Ingredients: fillet and lard of wild black Aspromonte pig, black pepper, salt.

Nutritional declaration: energy kcal 371 kj 1535; protein 20.6 g; carbohydrates 0.0 g of which sugars 0.0 g; fat 31.9 g of which saturates 13.2 g; salt 4.8 g.

Serving temperature: ambient.

Storage conditions: before and after opening the vacuum-packed bag, the product must be stored at a temperature below 4°C.


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