The revolution of happiness food


The Keynesian revolution for a new balance of economic systems.
The Copernican revolution for the transformation of cosmological ideas.
The industrial revolution for a new production system.
The cybernetic revolution to confront man with the machine.
The digital revolution to empower societies through technological development.
The happiness food revolution for a new order of tastes. It is a peaceful revolution. It is a radical change. It was born in the time of pressure from the global pandemic, it was nourished by the stable confirmations of our traditions, it carries forward the ideals of Goodness, Beauty, Emotion.


SweetSalty Spicy

Artisanal, refined, year-round.

When the slice reaches the palate, Rosso envelops it with its elegant bouquet of soft and persuasive flavours, in which sweet and savoury chase each other, embracing the harmonious note of dark chocolate, until it dives into the final shoring of spicy flavours. ⁣