Hams & cold cuts

Antico Nero d’Aspromonte’s emotional hams and cured meats in full size. Obtained from black pigs grazing in the wild for at least two years; handcrafted, matured for a long time and naturally smoked, to be sliced, spread and diced for your preparations.

Ask for a quotation now: tell us the products you prefer and the number of pieces for each. We will reply immediately with availability, price and delivery times.

Each product is vacuum-packed. On request, the whole product is delivered in slices, in a single vacuum pack.

Antica 'Nduja

Minimum Aging: 60 days.
Weight: 300 gr.


Minimum Aging: 7 months.
Weight: 3,5 Kg.

Heart of Shoulder

Minimum Aging: 9 months.
Weight: 3 Kg.

Cheek Lard

Minimum Aging: 6 months.
Weight: 2,5 Kg.


Minimum Aging: 7 months.
Weight: 3 Kg.


Minimum Aging: 8 months.
Weight: 5 Kg.


Processing: classic or smoked.
Minimum Aging: 8 months.
Weight: 6 Kg.


Processing: classic or smoked.
Aging: 24-30-36-42-48 months.
Weight: 13 Kg.


Processing: classic or smoked.Minimum Aging: 15 months.
Weight: 7 Kg.