The Capicola of Antico Nero d’Aspromonte.
At least two years of authentic wild grazing in the woods of the original habitat, aspromonte; manual processing; minimum maturation of 7 months.

The Capocollo di Antico Nero d’Aspromonte is lean, brownish-red in colour and marbling delicious fat. Its taste is typical, soft, strong with hints of spices.

Wine pairing: very structured whites, with aromatic persistence; well structured and balanced and mineral rosé wines; with traditional, young reds.


Ingredients: capocollo of black pig of Aspromonte , salt, spices. Contains E252, E300, E301.

Processing: handmade, 100% Italian product.

Seasoning: about 7 months.

Nutritional values gr/100gr: energy value KCAL 1120 KJ 340; protein gr30,0; carbohydrates gr0,0 of which sugars gr0,0; fats gr16,0 of which saturated gr6,5; salt gr2,0.

Size: 800gr, vacuum-packed.

Conservation: at a temperature lower than 4°C.