Antica ‘Nduja

The artisanal ‘Nduja, from meat of black pig of Aspromonte.

At the beginning of the last century, a wealthy family from the Spilinga area had a special ‘nduja produced for private consumption: just spicy, lightly smoked naturally, made from fine cuts of meat from pigs raised on their own.

We have recovered this ancient recipe, with the same cuts of meat, the same proportions, the same processing.

The difference? The meat of the Aspromonte black pig, bred in the Aspromonte woods on free grazing land.

Creamy, slightly spicy, with a smoky fragrance. Different, unique. Intense cured meat flavour, a combination of lean savoury and sweet fat, with the freshness of chilli pepper and a pleasant spicy aftertaste.

Wine pairing: red wine of traditional style, just rustic, fruity, with docile tannins.


Ingredients: meat and lard of black pig of Aspromonte, sweet chili pepper, salt, red hot chili peppers.

Production: artisanal, 100% made in Italy.

Aging: about 60 days.

Nutritional values gr/100gr: energy value KCAL 1660 KJ 397; proteins gr20,0; carbohydrates gr0,0; fat gr31,2 whose saturated fat gr8,6; salt gr3,1.

Size: 2 pieces of 400 gr each, single vacuum sealed.

Conservation: temperature lower than 4°C.

€ 19,90*

*Two pieces of 400gr