Hams and cured meats

The Antico Nero d’Aspromonte ® hams and cured meats find their first distinctive element in the quality of the meat, obtained by combining the three original factors:

  • genetic: the species;
  • environmental: the habitat;
  • nutritional: authentic wild pasture.

Entrusted to the mastery of great Italian pork butchers, the raw material is transformed into cured meats with a strong olfactory impact and gustatory amazement. The wild pasture based on chestnuts and acorns ensures a very high concentration of oleic acid and noble fats omega-3 and omega-6, extraordinary levels of mineral salts, iron and protein.

At the sole heat of touch, an Antico Nero d’Aspromonte ® cured meat releases an oily component, one of its characteristic essential oils. The seasoning os long, the final result is distinctive.

The Antico Nero d’Aspromonte ® hams and cold cuts, obtained from the wild black pig of Aspromonte, are a journey of unforgettable emotions through a unique blend of sensations, aromas and flavors.

They give the nose strong aromas of toasted dried fruit, accompanied by hints of spices, smoking, with pronounced fragrances of seasoning. On the palate they give the deepest and most penetrating flavours: the delicate, persuasive and enveloping sweetness and the exquisite, persistent and intense savouriness with clear hints of wild and porcini mushrooms. The impact on the eye is decisive, with the white fat part with subtle pinkish nuances and the lean part deep red-brown.

They unleash the whole range of unforgettable flavours both in purity and in combination with classic red wines, innovative rosés and refined whites, to the point of surrendering to exclusive pearls; on gourmet pizzas; in combination with mature cheeses, soft or fresh pastas; in designer sandwiches; with artisanal beers, including spicy beers, with alcoholic citrus cocktails; in refined culinary preparations.