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Antico Nero d'Aspromonte - Salumi Emozionali

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Authentic italian tradition of cold cut, in particular of Calabria region. The supreme food experience.

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Antico Nero d'Aspromonte is the brand of hams and emotional cold cuts produced using the black pig of Aspromonte, a mountainous area in southern Calabria - Italy, of which it is an typical and exclusive species of ancient origin. The black pig of Aspromonte has a strong and rustic physical structure and has two glands hanging under the throat, an exclusive feature that makes it di stinguishable from other black Calabrian pigs.

Our Story

The artisanal production ensures the respectof the Calabrian and Italian traditions of cold cuts in general: the production is carried out in two selected third -party artisanal cured meats factories by expert butchers. All the processing phases are carried out manually, including natural smoking in beech wood. During the processing, natural spices are used, such as black pepper, hot or sweet red pepper, wild fennel seeds, bay leaves, rosemary. Artificial flavours, colourings and chemical additives in general are banned. Only E252, E300 and E301 are used. The process is completed with long aging, which give the final product unique and unforgettable fragrances and flavors.

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