Emotional cured meats

Handmade hams and cold cuts that give a memorable experience of taste. Exclusively in the best food activities in Italy and worldwide: restaurants, gourmet pizza, wine shops with cuisine, taste workshops, shops, salami bars, refiners, cortadòr. Not available in any e-commerce.

For gourmet

At least two years of authentic wild grazing in the woods of the original habitat of the species and a particular handmade that ends with a long seasoning.

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The black pig of Aspromonte

The black pig of Aspromonte is the native pig of the southern Calabrian Apennines. This species has ancient origins and is believed to date back to the local pigs crossed in antiquity with strains of Romanesque, Iberian and Celtic race.

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Our services

Vacuum sealed and thermal pack
Worldwide and fast delivery
No minimum quantity of order

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Our academy

Courses in knife cutting, boning, artistic ham mise en place and finger food.

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