Emotional Cured Meats

The gourmet experience of cured meats.


What makes us different?

Handmade hams and cold cuts that give a memorable experience of taste.  The cured meats from Calabria, South Italy. Authentic origin, artisanal made, long aging and manually sliced. From black pig of Aspromonte meat, rared wild.

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Worldwide in few days

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Sliced hams and cured meats

Made in Italy

100% italian origin

Sliced selection

The ready-to-eat cured cuts. Manually sliced, at the moment of order, vacuum sealed. Thickness and weight that you desire.

Aged from 24 to 36 months.
Aged or smoked.

Cube selection

The ready-to-eat cubes of cured cuts. Manually cubed, at the moment of order, vacuum sealed. The weight that you desire.

Aged for 8 months. Classic or smoked.
Guanciale di Antico Nero d'Aspromonte intero e a trancio
Aged for 6 months.
One of the black Aspromonte pigs used in 1995 for the recovery of the species.

The Black Pig of Aspromonte

Native breed, unique charcuterie.

The black pig of Aspromonte is the native pig of the southern Calabrian Apennines. This species has ancient origins and is believed to date back to the local pigs crossed in antiquity with strains of Romanesque, Iberian and Celtic race.